Different VEX Games for 8ft x 8ft field?

I am going to teach a robotic class next year using the VEX system and curriculum and I am looking to buy past games or game pieces that work on a 8ft by 8ft playing field.

I have the “swept away” game and I plan on ordering the “Skyrise” game for our 12ft by 12ft playing field.

I spoke to the VEX people today and all the past game pieces are all discontinued and no long available. For example… “Barrel Blast” and “Round Down”

Does anyone have a source or other ideas as to where I could purchase past VEX games for an 8ft by 8ft playing field?

Thank for your time and help!

First, in your class you have a bunch of smart kids. Show them games from prior years and have them design a game. What could be better than winning a game you helped design?

Second, game elements are all around. Tennis, baseball, softball, nerf balls. Rings from the dollar store, rings cut from 1", 2" 4" pvc pipe. Scoring from buckets to 6" pipe (my hand does not fit down a 4" pipe to retrieve a ball) etc.

Check out the VEX site, every year there is a design a game challenge, pick one of them.

My favorite game was two old style soda boxes with 24 slots. You could drop tennis balls in at 1 pt each. Or pick up a water bottle that had marbles in it (a little weight) for 5 pts. Smaller, many at a time for fewer points vs bigger harder to move for more points. Game strategy needed to win.

Good luck

Thanks for response and having kids make a game is a great idea and I have made several in the past as well. We even make a game that included some airsoft guns that shot at paper targets. - pretty cool-

Our program has some money now and I just thought it would be easier to purchase any past games if it was an option.

Would there be any other sources for 8x8 field. Thanks for your time

Visual Edge has games avaliable. Search for visual edge vex.

Thanks for all the help!
Looks like a great site

You could either do your own field perimeter or just use sections of a vex field.
When I taught my robotics class at UW I used a mini field that was 1 VEX field section (4’) by 2 VEX field sections wide (8’) It was a nice size for a smaller room… if you want 8 X 8 just go 2X2.

You can either purchase these sections from VEX or from AndyMark
I don’t think they sell fewer than a complete field (3X3) but you could ask.

The other option is to make your own 4’ sections out of whatever materials you are comfortable with. 4’ sections work pretty well pretty easy to transport and they can make a number of different configurations.
Down to a small 4X4 field for lego robots or smaller stuff.

I purchased Soft tiles to use as a base… but you could use anything.
The soft tiles come 2X2 so you just get what you need. light and easy to transport.

Making up games is a lot of fun… just find some game piece that you would like to use that’s easy to get. I used practice foam golf balls or wiffle balls of various sizes… or PVC tubes… I have used balloons too… makes an interesting game… light touch necessary…

I would definitely have several “layers” of scoring … some very easy scores worth low points… so nearly any competitor can score all the way up to more difficult tasks…

Letting students come up with a game is really fun too.

Good luck