DifferentialDrive..... Output Not Updated Often Enough

So I had this robot working for weeks now but after we added pneumatics code and robot shutting down due to pneumatics, the robot doesn’t turn anymore. The Teleop is enabled with joysticks, code, and communication green on driver station but the robot doesn’t move an inch. I commented everything that are not related to the drive code and it still does not work. Here are my code for the drive system.


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It looks to me like your teleopPeriodic() function is missing Scheduler.getInstance().run(); that would probably cause your TeleopDrive_Command to not run.

Okay, I’ll put it in TeleopPeriodic

I believe it should be like this:

public void teleopPeriodic() {

Similar to what is in autonomousPeriodic().

It looks to me that when adding your pneumatics code, you accidentally removed the scheduler.