DifferentialDrive... Output not updated often enough

Hey friends,

I’ve seen this issue posted numerous times with different things causing the error. We’ve had this for awhile and just always ignored it, but I finally am tired of seeing it. Any help would be appreciated in understanding why this is happening and how to at least stop it from appearing in DS.

Error text:

ERROR  1  DifferentialDrive… Output not updated often enough.  edu.wpi.first.wpilibj.MotorSafety.check(MotorSafety.java:101)

Code can be found here:

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I think it will go away if you feed the motor safety check. So in your method to drive it it should be:

public void drive(Double speed, Double rotation) {
	RobotMap.robotDriveMain.arcadeDrive(speed, rotation); // drive forwards half speed
    RobotMap.robotDriveMain.feed(); // feeds the motor safety object

Will deploy to robot and test on Monday and then I’ll report back to you. Thank you!

The differential drive methods call feed, so adding that line won’t have any effect.


Your creating differential drive objects in both Robot and RobotMap. The second one is probably causing the error since you aren’t calling drive methods on it.


We’ll take a look at that, I don’t completely understand what is happening myself, but I’ll talk to our team and let you know.

This error is about Motor Safety setting that needs to be turned off with writing this code into robotInit()


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