Difficulties keeping Code

So, once again, I have a cRIO related issue. Everytime our robot reboots, we have to re-run the coding. Last year, one of our mentors did something that kept the code stored on the cRIO, but he’s not around this year. What do I need to do in order to store the code on the cRIO, instead of having to run it everytime we want to do something?

Are you running your code using the run arrow in Robot Main? This is useful for debugging, but not what you want for the robot to be able to run without your programming laptop plugged in.

If you want your code to be persistent, you need to

Go to the bottom of the project explorer list and open up Build Specifications.

  1. Then right click on “FRC Robot Deployment” and select “Build”. This will take a few minutes.
  2. Then right click on FRC Robot Deployment again and select “Run at Startup”. This will also take a little bit.
  3. If/when you get a Conflict Resolution window saying something about all VIs on the target being closed if you continue, click OK. This is what you want to happen.