Difficulties setting output to Talon SRX?

Hi all,

We are using Talon SRXs with CTR magnetic encoders this year to control an arm. I’ve successfully set the reference to the magnetic encoders and am writing the encoder position to the dashboard.

However, when I try to set output to the Talon using the Motor>Set Output block, I can’t get anything to happen. There is no response from the Talon whatsoever. I am attaching the block on the end of the Talon Get Status, which is working.

Any ideas? I’ve attached an image of my code below. Thanks!



Are you using %Vbus to control the talon? If you are trying to use Speed or Position you are telling it to move +/- 1 native units.

Position. I’ll switch it and give that a try.

You should also read the Talon SRX software reference manual.

That appears to be working. I’ll re-read the manual. Thanks!