Hmm, so we are just right now trying to get our old robot from last year working again. We put the 2012 image on cRIO, updated labview, the driver station, and everything. Then we wrote a basic program to get the motors to drive, annnnd it’s not working. We haven’t changed anything from last years setup, and it’s just not. working. We’re getting no errors to the driver console either.

Could anyone help with this problem? Do we have to redesign the layout or swap the digital sidecars or something?


Did you rearrange the modules in the cRIO? There is a new pattern, we didn’t do this during our initial test but we saw it when we re-imaged.

The 2012 image is probably what’s going on. Check where your sidecars are and where they should be–IIRC, the slots were changed a bit.

Is there a map anywhere?

There is a table on Page 12 here

I think the table might have crio-FRC and crio-FRC II flipped but still is correct

I got it working!

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

I am having trouble with reimaging the classmate. The flash drive appears to work, but when I tap f12 (it appears to be f12 not f11) and get the boot dialog from the bios, the arrow keys won’t work. I can’t get to the generic flash disk entry. Has anyone encountered this problem?

I found the problem. The down arrow key was a bit wonky and I had to press hard. Now I’m getting the disk read error like other people have. I’ll look at other posts now that I don’t have a unique problem…