Difficulty Installing Kinect

We have been attempting to use the Kinect to drive the robot from the example program given, however the Driver Station fails to recognize that the Kinect is attached. We have installed the drivers and programs necessary to run it, and have re-installed them to insure that this is not the issue. The light on the Driver Station indicating the state of the Kinect is not red, it is not lit even after refreshing. The green LED on the Kinect itself does blink periodically while attached. The only cause that we can guess for this problem is the processor speed of the computer attempting to run the Driver Station, the recommended speed is 2.66+ and ours is 2.00, however we would like to make sure that this is the issue before attempting to find a faster computer to obtain a similar result. Thank you for your time, we look forward to what promises to be an interesting and challenging game this year!

Have you install the kinect sdk and kinect frc sever?

Have you tried running any of the Kinect Samples from Microsoft or the Kinect Server Debug mode shortcut in C:\Program Files\FRC Kinect Server ?

@kdehaan42, yes, that was the first thing that we tried to fix, we re-installed them to be sure that was not the problem, but thank you :slight_smile:

@RufflesRidge, We had only tried running the example in the download (I believe it was called StickExample or something of that nature), is that a separate example? And I was not aware of a debug mode, I will try that this afternoon, but will that work if it does not recognize the device as being connected/installed?

Thank you both very much for your time, it is much appreciated!