Difficulty running and imaging.

I’m having a little difficulty imaging the cRIO to java, I might have done it but I’m not sure. I couldn’t find a tutorial, so I just tried things that might work, and got one that ended up taking half an hour of waiting before I had to shut the computer down.

I’m also not sure how to run the code once I have imaged the cRIO, I can’t find Set as Main Project anywhere, and trying to run it gives an error in a different file that is something along the lines of “fork=true”. The error says that compile failed.

Are you using Netbeans? If you are you can right click on the project and there should be an option to Set as Main Project

The mechanization of setting the main project is different in different netbeans versions. See http://wpilib.screenstepslive.com/s/3120/m/7885/l/79459?data-resolve=true&data-manual-id=7885

Can you post the entire error message?

It turns out that right clicking on the background of the area to select a project is way different then right clicking on the project name, thanks for a tutorial with images.

For the other guy: Full error code:

1 error
The following error occurred while executing this line:
Compile failed; see the compiler error output for details.

(One of the lines in one of the xml’s was something like fork=true, also I don’t know where the compiler error output is.)

That error means that it was not able to build the code because of an error in your code. If you save your code do you see a red x (next to the line numbers) or a red underline in your code?

Thanks, java is a strange language.
Turns out that I made a few capitalization mistakes, JoyStick, timer.Delay, and it turns out While isn’t a function.

Ok, I got a connection timed out error that said the error occurred in a bunch of files.

It said something about computer is not on the same subnet, just to double check subnet is supposed to be and 10.xx.yy.9 is a valid ip, where xxyy is my team number, and imaging the cRIO will set it automatically, right?

That is the static IP you need to set on your coding computer to access the robot. What I did for my team was set the DHCP server on our wireless router do we have have a ‘dynamic’ IP on our computer.

Your cRIO should have the IP of 10.xx.yy.2