Diffrent Batteries

Hi All
Andy Mark Lists Two different Batteries: NP18 -12 and ES17 -12
Both list about the same spec.
Q; any real difference? Any real life stories?


Not really; I believe both are legal this year (I’ll let you look it up).

Just note that some of those batteries are older than others. Batteries that haven’t been charged every 90 days become damaged, and don’t work as well.

Hi Don
Thanks for the input
Both batteries are legal
We are looking to purchase extras for this season (and looking for the best / longest life)
There is no way that I know of to check manufactures date before purchase, so I was looking for personal experiences or inside info on these two products;

Being sealed batteries if they sat on the shelf for a year I don’t think they were maintained (charged at 90 day intervals) the suppliers are good guys and if there are any product defects I am sure that would be taken care of, but if a battery drops in performance 3-4 months down the road there is no recourse
Just looking for the best value
Have fun

The batteries are for all intents and purposes identical. You may have to go through a few charge discharge cycles to get them up to peak performance but they should be fine after that. Be sure to keep them from freezing and use only the KOP chargers or equivalent under 6 amp charger.

What exactly happens in this process?

Get’s the electrons moving! Duh!

No… but really, it helps remove I believe it’s sulfate built up on the plates, which increases the internal resistance, and decreases the amount of umph the battery can provide during heavy loads.

Just helps to clean a little. In AGM batteries, I believe it will move the things around. As you go through charge and discharge, temperature changes, plates change dimension and the glass mat gets a chance to fit itself back to the plates it lies between. If gravity has pulled things to one side this helps redistribute back to original manufacture. If you have a battery tester like the CBAII, this would be a good time to check the battery. If you think about one of the applications for this battery you will begin to see that it is designed for idle periods. You will find this battery in several of the smaller, two lamp emergency lights. Mostly they just sit on trickle charge, never moving but they do cycle internal temperature and remain good for when they are needed.