Diffuser Panel Problems

We have been trying to get the camera to see the diffused green light source and it keeps washing out. even when we turn out the lights in our robotics lab, the camera can’t see the green light. any suggestions?

Did you follow the instructions in the CMU camera guide, where you download a .ZIP file from national instruments and upload a .CFG file to the camera?

If not, then do that.

Our camera also did not see the green light, just a lot of everything else. Default configuration is to see all colors equally - correct for a normal camera. The file “2006 CMUcam.cfg” parameters are correct for the green light. (Or, at least, very close to correct. Yours may still need some tweaking)


Haven’t done it yet, but accoding to Kevin’s CMUCam everything you need to know, it says you need to properly calibrate the camera’s exposure so that it sees less light and more color. I think that if you move the target farther away, you’ll get more color. They’re really bright so that you can track them from across the field, potentially.

We followed the guide and had no problems. Make sure your target is getting 12 volts (so the lights are bright enough), make sure all the cold cathodes are on, and it helps if it is built of a reflective material. Our camera picked up the target with no problem from about 4 meters away.