Dig-Sidecar only one output at a time

Hi everyone,

We’re having problems controlling two motors at the same time. I have two motors connected to Victor888 controllers connected to PWM outputs #1 and 2 on the digital sidecar. I send commands to run both motors at the same time at the same rate, but only the 1st motor runs (port 1 on the sidecar). The 2nd motor doesn’t run and there is no voltage drop across the terminal of the motor.

NOW, if I pull the wire out of port 1 of the sidecar and run the program again, the 2nd motor works! I’ve tried using two different ports (#4 and #6) and the same problem occurs. It certainly seems that only 1 PWM port at a time can be used on the digital sidecar.

Here’s 2 different versions of my Java code that produce the same problem:

Victor m1 = new Victor(1);
Victor m2 = new Victor(2);

In autonomous:

Other version:

RobotDrive chassis = new RobotDrive(1,2);

In autonomous:
chassis.drive(0.5, 0.5);
chassis.drive(0.0, 0.0);

Thanks in advance for any help.

BD Team 5221

Make sure you have the sidecar powered with 12 V. The ribbon cable is enough to power it no load, but it drops out as you start adding outputs.