Digi-Key Voucher Ordering PSA

My team has recently had issues using the $50 Digi-Key voucher and I’ve found the solution:


So every year, each team gets a $50 Digi-Key voucher. The process explained on both the FIRST site and the Digi-Key site is just “click on the voucher, enter your team information, and shop/make an order.” They then say that “The voucher will not display on the total of your order, but will be subtracted from your order during processing.”

While the dollar savings of the voucher will not be displayed on the checkout page, it will be obvious if the voucher is working, if you do it right.

If you have an account with Digi-Key and already have items in your cart, going through the voucher page will take you to a blank cart, where you will then maybe try to add the items you had in your normal cart in to (what you think) is the special “voucher cart”. But then you will see that your existing cart merges with this special cart so you have to remove duplicate items. Then, keeping in mind that it says “the voucher will not display…” you complete the order using your saved account information and hope for the best. This will not work.

Instead, clear your cart (export the list of part numbers or write them down), log out, then maybe even clear your cookies. Then, go to the same digikey.com/FIRST page and enter in your team info like you did before. This will again bring you to an empty cart where you add items. Once you go to check out, you will notice a few things different. Instead of prompting you to log in or create an account, it will autofill a company name of “FIRST ROBOTICS PROMOTION” and also fill your team info into the “order notes” section. Then, when you place the order you will get a confirmation which, again, doesn’t show the voucher. Although, at least in my case, there is a little ad blurb at the bottom of the confirmation saying “Proud to supply your FIRST Robotics projects, Digi-Key looks forward to supporting your next project too!” In theory, you should get a corrected invoice in a few hours or a day which shows the final total taken from your credit card. I didn’t, but the packing list shows “MISC CREDIT OF $50.00 FROM FIRST ROBOTICS PRODUCT DONATION VOUCHER. CHANGED SHIP METHOD TO FREE 2 DAY.”


Would be nice if it just worked like a normal coupon code. We have tried using the voucher in past years and have never been successful as far as I know.

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Yeah, that sure would be nice but I think their site is just not designed for it. As a huge commercial distributor, it’s not like they go handing out coupons all the time. I just wish they explained the process a bit better. They were at least nice enough to call me and cancel the order where the voucher didn’t work, but they just told me “follow the provided instructions” “you didn’t follow the instructions” when I talked to them.

I’ve used it every year. It’s been a bit of a process (as described above) and I’ve had to call a couple times to get a final receipt copy, but their customer service by phone has always been very good. Very happy that they support FIRST.

Last year I accidentally logged in an got a call from their customer support team, but everything was sorted out ok. This is a good PSA to stop the delayed order (or mischarged credit card).

Hey, this is great. I would have gone down the same road as you so this saved me some frustration that I will instead be able to take out on my team.


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Ordered from Digi-Key an hour ago and before finishing the order made sure FIRST Robotics Competition was autofilled under Company Name as well as our team info under Order Notes.

Just got an invoice in my email and a charge on my card for the total amount without any discount or upgraded shipping. This is on a brand new laptop that has never logged into a Digi-Key account using the proper FIRST link.

Anyone else go through this?

Mine was wrong at first (middle of last week) and I emailed them but never heard back. However, I just checked my credit card and it was billed the proper amount. So ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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