Digikey part #’s CAN bus plugs/pins


Unfortunately, single-pin Molex housings do not exist. If you look at Molex’s page for SL crimp housings the minimum number of circuits is two. :disappointed:

When I need a single-pin housing, I either use a 2-pin housing, or just put some heat shrink around the crimp, depending on the application.

For the housings, Digi-Key is marginally less expensive, unless you’re buying female housings in quantities of 1000 or male housings in quantities of 300. For the pins and sockets, Hansen is less expensive than buying the comparable part at Digi-Key, but you can save money by going with the tin-plated versions available at Digi-Key.

Certainly a reasonable way to go - I was thinking about making one possible “starter kit” option for teams that want to plan to use three pin connectors everywhere to keep things simple and minimize cost by buying in bulk.


As I had in my old auto-signature: If you can’t find time to do it right, how are you going to find time to do it over?


I’ve tried doing this too. One thing I’ve found that helps is simplifying the ordering process with Digikey. The website can seem intimidating at first so I created a text file that you simply import into your cart that adds the correct parts and their quantity.


So what I’m hearing is “those connectors they put on the motor controllers they put in the rookie kit are really not a good idea. Get the locking Molex ones and redo all of those connections.”?


A list of part numbers would be awesome!


We use 15 A Anderson connectors for our CAN wires. we usually have pretty good luck with them.


The chat help is SO helpful. They pulled everything up for me in 5 min.
these are gold and for 22ga wire. I’m not sure what ga the can bus wires are.


This socket is for 24-30 AWG. Sticking with the gold plated versions, WM2512-ND (currently out of stock), WM2512CT-ND (same socket but attached to a strip of metal rather than loose in a bag), or WM2564-ND (thicker gold plating, loose in a bag) are for 22-24 AWG. (The CAN wires on the Talon SRX and Victor SPX are 22 AWG.)

Also don’t forget a crimper if you don’t have one. We like WM9999-ND.


Really even with the victor you are changing the color, (white/green victor- black/red Motor)

Maybe you can use it only to test. but it’s only two small pieces no more than 4"