Digital Animation Award Results and Judges Comments

With over a hundred submissions the Judging team from Theory Animation had their work cut out for them.

We asked them to:

  1. Identify one winner
  2. List an additional “Top Ten” of their favorites with comments.

The full playlist of all 101 animations is here

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(Submitter was sent an e-mail with the details. Let us know if you didn’t get it)

In case you haven’t heard:

WINNER: Team 1317 Digital Fusion, Educational Robotics, Central Ohio:
Judges’ Comments: A simple, clever, funny story very well executed from start to finish with great character animation, camera moves, and simple, consistent art style.

Judges Top Ten Favorite Runner’s up animations (in no particular order):
Team6184 - Didn’t really apply the theme, but the artistry, staging, and lighting were fantastic
Team0503 - Loved the sponge bob reference song paired with good character animation and clever implementation of the theme
Team0246- Great work on all of the complex simulations! Nice historical interpretation of theme
Team 2521 - Impressive art direction and 2d animation. We REALLY loved the artistry of this one! Nice editing to the music.
Team 1676 - Clever interpretation of theme paired with a cool robot character - we loved the emotional impact of the shot with the moon
Team 0192 - Really cute, original story well executed with great editing. Fun interpretation of the theme.
Team 4191 - Really cool lighting and effects paired with nice assets and well done, snappy camera editing to music
Team 0008 - Awesome use of lighting for emotional impact with an original interpretation of theme
Team 2587 - We loved the consistency of the aesthetically pleasing art style and clear interpretation of the theme
Team 5804 - We really appreciated the complexity of the project. Great assets, really cool steam and water simulations, and good interpretation of theme. Especially liked the text to steam effect.

Congratulations to all – we hope to see your creations next year!