Digital Breaker Panel

Have you checked out the new Breaker Panel supplied in the KOP?
It sends the RC status on whether breakers have tripped or are still active.

I just love our new Xmas toys :smiley:

Yes I noticed that too. :smiley: Isn’t it awesome??? :cool: I think it is a lot better than previous years. :smiley: :ahh:

It does sound cool, but I can’t think of what to do with it yet. It’ll be really interesting to see what teams come up with. Then again, I’m sure everyone hopes they won’t have to put that feature into action during a match…

Did you notice that there is room for six (6) 40 amp breakers?

I know that this year we only have 4 CIM motors to connect to the 40 amp breakers, but what does IFI know about the future?

Did we get six 40 amp breakers in the kit? If so, can we hook up the FPs to them?

Thats a really good question. I would say no … but I just looked at the rules and there isnt anything that says you cant. I also checked the Q&A, and came up with nothing. I dont think the kit came with 6 breakers … only 4. I would ask FIRST about it before I connected the FPs to a 40a breaker. The power dist. diagram shows it being connected to the lower portion of the breaker panel meaning it would be protected with a 30a.

If you keep tripping the 30a breaker, you might have a problem with the way you’re using the motor. I wouldnt put those motors on a 40a breaker - but thats just me.

we were going to use all 3 40’s but due to a wiring glitch, we decided to use only 4. On another note; i see there is a serial port and a pwm port on the breaker pannel. What is either used for? Which one is wired to the RC and to what analog or digital in? If you cant tell, im a mechanical guy who cant do anything until the arm gets back from being welded, and im trying to learn/ help out with the electronics

The PWM port isnt used. The serial port connects back to the program port on the RC and can provide the feedback on what tripped when its programmed in. There are a few threads on CD about programming the feedback for the breaker panel.

Actually, it’s not a PWM port. It’s the three important lines for serial communication: Rx, Tx, and ground. They are wired directly to their equivalent pins in the serial port that is on the board. However, there is no reason to use it, and IFI has said not to.