Digital Cameras

So, with robotics season just around the corner you may be looking for a brand spankin new digital camera to use so you can document and share pictures of your robot and team in action. I’ve been looking at them for awhile and have a new one in mind and I though I would share the 2 good review websites I’ve used.

Both of these are extremely helpful and accurate website that include product images, test results, and sample photographs from the cameras they reviewed.](


EDIT: I’ve been looking into the Canon A70, but that new Casio Exilim Z4 is sweet.
EDIT2: Added another link.



I often post on the Olympus forum on DPReview, it’s a friendly, helpful forum. I’ve been trying to resist buying the new camera from Panasonic, the FZ10 (4 MP, 12 X optical zoom, image stabilization). My advice to anyone who considers a big zoom camera is to buy one with image stabilization.


if a picture is worth a thousand words, then I never shut up…

if you have one and let your teammates use it ZIP TIE it ti their wrist So they dont drop it. Jamal dropped my camera while crossiing the street in Houston and it has taken blury pics ever sinse

yeah, digital cameras are a great tool to have. However it gets really frustrating when you loose them. grr…oh well, i’ll just have to buy another one i guess. any suggestions? i want to buy a…ummm…non-expensive one. but i can pay a little more if need be.

Now that I’ve posted some links to places where you can buy them online. Of course there are your common websites like and Both of these are good if you want assurance that you won’t be ripped off or something (?). Both places normally have free shipping, and Circuit City has a cool feature where you can put in your zipcode and it will tell you if any of 4-5 stores around you has the product. Then you can order online and pick it up in the store (this really does work :slight_smile: ). Another good place to shop online is I used them a few years ago, when they were still a fairly new company, when i got my Fugi. One thing you’ll notice about this site is the discounts, everything seems to be cheaper. When i got my Fugifilm a few years ago I saved atleast $100 over Best Buy’s price. Another good place to look is because they will give you reviews, owner opinions, and a list of Cnet Certified online retailers with availability listings and prices.


THanks alot! those sites are great!

Don’t forget that the 3rd Gen iPods can hold photos with a memory card reader add-on.

Yep, Belkin made a media reader for the iPod so you serious digital camera people can have massive storage. A good review of it can be found It supports CompactFlash Type I and II, SmartMedia, Memory Stick, MMC, and SD cards so it looks like you newer Fuji users are out of luck. I don’t see the $110 MSRP price as reasonable though, but it is certainly cheaper than the 1gb+ Compact Flash cards.


If we are going to talk about digital photo storage, all of Archos’ MP3 and MP3/MP4 players can act as mobile hard drives and can store photos. With the MP4 players, you can view JPEG’s on the screen. You can also buy a digital camera, and SD, and CF card readers for a fairly reasonable price.

If anyone is interested, has a lot of electronics for really cheap. Most are $100 dollars under Best Buy prices and dbuys has a wide selection of everything electronic wise.

I just had to buy a external hard drive because my laptop was running out of space mainly due to my photos. The past two years of robotics was taking up 10.g and my personal photos another 7 or 8.


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i need to find a camera that i can strap optics on to.
or somthing that comes with a powerfull optical zoom (NOT DIGITAL)

i have only seen up to 4x optical zoom i need at least a 10x

There are quite a few digital cams with 10x optical zoom now. The Fuji S5000 is one of those. I really really liked it but I didn’t quite have the money to buy it. Another camera I considered was the Minolta Z1. Both cams seemed pretty good, I would have got the Fuji though. has each cam for under 300 dollars right now. Both have 10x optical zooms and seem to be quality cams. I’ve tinkered with both in person and yeah…if I had the cash I’d have one of them right now.

I have the Canon A70, and I love it. Everyone I’ve talked to who has it agrees. Not a bad choice by any means.

Ya, every place I look says it’s “highly recommened” and one of the links I posted has it in their “Top 10 Digital Cameras” list. Do you have any pictures online that you took with it?

All the pictures I posted on the CD galleries from IRI were taken with that camera. They’re not the most representative, as I’m a lousy photographer, and they’re mostly just random people and robots, but that’s all I have online at the moment. I’ll see if I can dig up anything else and post it. Any suggestions for types of shots you’d like to see? I have a bunch of stuff from my trip out West (Yellowstone, Mt. Rushmore, etc) that’s pretty good.

Oh, I remembered the galleries aren’t up… you can see those same pics in the gallery, too, I think.

Yeah, i had a Samsung Digimax 201, It wasn’t the greatest, but it took great pictures, but i recently lost it. Grr… :mad: meh, i’ll just have to make videos. For that i have a Samsung SCD71. I like the Samsung. They are coming out with some nice products. Although if anyone wanted to buy a camcorder i would go with a sony, my friend has one and it is great. what kind of video editing software do people use? as of right now i am using Ulead 6 (came with my firewire card) and windows movie maker, but i was planning on purchasing something a little more versitile. Any suggestions?