digital i/o connectors

I’ve been trying to buy some connectors for the digital I/Os on the RC, like the ones with the red, white, and black wires that came in the Edu kit. The only problem is that I can’t find them at any stores, and I don’t know what they’re called! I was thinking about ordering some PWM extender cables from InnovationFirst and just ignoring the fourth wire, but buying them from a store would be a lot faster and probably cheaper. If you could tell me where to look for them, or even just what they’re called, I would love you forever! An alternate way to connect to the digital I/Os would work too.


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You want the 3 wire pwm extension cables which you can purchase from any hobby store that sells RC airplanes, cars, etc. You can also buy online from Tower Hobbies.

In addition, do a search of these fori as there have been threads dealing with buying the connectors from Digi-key and making your own…

We use the PWM extension cables… It’s easier.

Thanks, Mike! I’d been looking mostly in computer/electronics stores… hadn’t thought to try a hobby shop. Your help is much appreciated!!!

You can buy the wire here but you still need to get the pins and connectors.

3 Pin Connectors:
Digikey WM2801-ND
$.72 ea
min order: 1

Crimp pins:
WM2510-ND for Tin plating, 22-24 AWG (for different guage or gold plating, check the catalogue)
price: .90 for 10
min order: 10

Since I was looking for these myself today, I’ll also post another useful connector I found today (again, Digikey part numbers). You know those snapping/locking 4-pin connectors used in computers?
Molex Conn - Recep A1402-ND
Molex Conn - Plug A1403-ND
For housings with different numbers of pins, check the catalogue
Molex Conn - Pin A1422-ND
Molex Conn - Socket A1423-ND

I say this almost every time I post Digikey p/n’s, but again: if your order is less than $25, Digikey taks on a $5 handling fee. My suggestion is figure out all the Digikey stuff your team needs (shrink wrap, wire ties, velcro straps, extra OI ac adapters (they get lost), fastons/spades/ring connectors, breadboards, etc.) and put together a central Digikey order.

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If anyone on your team has those cool little LED keychain raving lights, the part number for a CR2016 coin battery is P138-ND. From Digikey, they’re $.405 ea. Radioshack or any other pharmacy: ~$3. Stock up for those late-night lightswitch rave parties. 'Nuff said.