Digital I/O problems

Currently our team is having issues with any sort of digital devices. Our digital side car has all of the lights lit, though the RSL light does a slow blink. We have switched out the module, cable, and dsc. None of which helped. We have ruled out code, we still recieve camera feed, we can still search for ellipses, etc… We did check each of our digital side cars and each of the C6 capacitors were loose. It was only a few days ago that our electronics were working fine and dandy.

Possible courses of action?

Slow Blink usually means the robot is disabled. Does it change to on with a brief flicker off every second and a half when you Enable on the Driver Station?

Is it only the big panel light doing the Slow Blink, or does the little green LED by the RSL connector also do it simultaneously? The big panel light will blink by itself if jumper is not installed between its outer two pins.