Digital Input for Driver Station

I understand the Cypress card is for digital input into the driver station. I was going to use this to allow pre-selection of program to run during autonomous.

However, I was reading about the default driver station program and it allows you to simulate input if the Cypress card is not hooked up. Can we not just use this to select a program at the competition and not use the card? If you have more complex input needs, I could see where the card would be useful. But I just need a basic input and I think the simulation mode may work.

Any ideas or thots why this would or would not work?

That will work just fine.

I’m not sure, but I don’t think we’re allowed to use the simulation mode during competition. I could be wrong though, i’m not sure.

I don’t remember any rule prohibiting use of the simulation mode. It would just mean tougher controls for anything off the joysticks