digital input

We have an external DI switchboard that we want to know how to code. When we open driverstation, it comes up under the i/o with DIs, so we know the computer sees it, but we don’t know how we would be able to use them in the code. We tried opening a DIO in begin, but that is only for i/o’s on the digital sidecar.

By default the digital IO you get from the Cypress board connected to the Driver Station is in “Compatibility Mode”.

The vi’s to get the data inside your code can be found in the programming palette:WPI Library -> Driver Station -> Compatibility IOThe vi’s you’ll use most are:

  • Get Digital In
    *]Get Analog In
    There is an extended set also available called “Enhanced Mode”



Under the Driver’s Station Palette, there is an Get Digital IO.

WPI Robotics Library/Driver’s Station/Compatibility IO/Get Digital Input

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ok we ran into another problem. We know how to read it, but then how would we read only one of them, and then see if it is true?:ahh:

nevermind we got it.