Digital IO pull-ups/downs

I’m wondering if the new RoboRio has internal/built in pull up or pull down resistors for it’s IO pins. If it does, do they need to be enabled in the robot code and which one are they? I remember having a very hard time last year trying to find this info on the digital sidecar. :confused: I made my best guess last year, but this year I want to make sure our robot doesn’t have floating logic.

The Digital Sidecar has integrated pull-up resistors. I’d be very surprised if the roboRIO doesn’t as well.

The DIO signal pins are pulled up to 3.3V by a weak 40k resistor. DIO 14 and 15 on the MXP are pulled up to 3.3V with 2.1k resistors for use with I2C., page 8.

Thanks for the info guys. What is the “MXP?” Does it have to do with I^2 C? because I am unfamiliar with I^2 C and have never used it (knowingly).

Thanks for the link!
Just out of curiosity, because this doc is specifically for the “NI MyRio-1950”, how do the MyRio and RoboRio compare? Is the RoboRio a re-packaged MyRio?
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It’s mentioned in this video: