Digital IOs scrambled on Dashboard

We added the Dashboard sample to our robot project and got that to work by uncommenting the functions that get the actual values and commenting out the constant values. However, the digital IO values seem to be all scrambled up. It seems to be some sort of byte swap or bit order problem.

Is no one else having this problem? There doesn’t seem to be any traffic on this problem.

We had the same problem. If you print out the value in hex that is being sent to the DS you’ll see what is going on. Writing from memory, the two rightmost bits are not used. The third bit is point 14, the fourth is point 13, etc. I might have this backwards but it’s something like that. We shifted the bits right two places and then shuffled the bits so they wound up in the right place. A good example of bit shifting to show the students but another bit of “sample” code that doesn’t work. If you need more detail on this, let me know.