Digital picture team number collage. What to do with it?

For a while now I have had an idea to take a picture of my team number every time and every where I saw it. I was planning on making it into a big digital collage, but what to do with it?

Maybe I can turn it into a collage and fade it and make a background for a random webpage.

What do you all think of this collage idea, and do you have any suggestions as to what to do with the collage?

Maybe I’ll research as to how to make those pictures of a subject from many individual pictures, I don’t know.

Any thoughts?

so you’ve been looking for more outside of gas prices? I think that it’s a very good idea, seems cool. Sorry, but I don’t really have any ideas for you.

Try making a mosaic of someone/ some people out of it - Maybe your mentors and gift it to them or something… maybe even a team picture…

Lol-at least say we did that-Ya thats kind of what we did for our engineers this year. We took all pictures of years past, i think the final count was over 3000 pics, and then took one good big picture of them with the robot, then put it into a program that set all the colors up to match that big picture. It looks a little choppy but from a distance it looks amazing. If i found out what program we used, or what kind of store we had it done at, ill tell you.

take a picture of your team in front of a solid colored background, then just substitute it for your collage.

Here is one software to do it:, and another (GIMP plugin). It’s a relatively simple thing to do, it’d be a nice programming exercise. You basically just average the color for small segments of the image, and average the color of all the images intended to make up the big one and then match them.

I’ve seen some of those before and I always wondered how it was done. That’s a really good idea.

If you use Paint Shop Pro, the Magic Wand is good. fiddle with the tolerence until you find a good match. If you don’t use PSP, try something similar.

PSP also includes Masks, I’ve used that for collages. What’s cool is to make it semi-transparent and put it over a background.

How about make the pictures, that from a distance look like, the past 4 years of robots that are together and put it in a frame for personal reminder, or a retirement present; or make them into the FIRST emblem and put it in your metalshop. Or (this may sound wierd) make the collage only half done for future robotians to work on, as like an ongoing memorial where everyone leaves thier piece of the FIRST legacy in the collage. These are just a few ideas to help out.

I was just thinking about the mosiac thing. I think every team should submit a picture of their robot, so that people can make mosaics of stuff, with the robots as the tiny pics.