Digital Pit Scouting Solutions (Wanna make one?)

We just wrapped up an awesome experience at the Week 1 Lake Superior Regional and we’re thinking forward to the Week 6 10000 Lakes Regional. I was directing scouting at LS and I have a few ideas for improving scouting.

We used little half-sheets with an outline of the field, and the six watchers in the stands drew arrows and wrote notes about how each robot performed. I was in the stands the entire time and watched every match. When we were forming alliance strategies after day 1 I found it hard to comment on how well a certain robot performed without seeing what it looked like. This led me to come up with a pit scouting solution that was image-based to supplement the match scouting.

Obviously it would be very difficult (but feasible) to put together a solid application of some form in four weeks that could satisfy my requirements, so my question is “Does anything like this already exist?”. I checked CD and I haven’t come across anything like it.

That being said, if anyone is interested in developing software solution to do something like this with me I’d be up for it. In my mind, feasibly, I would imagine a simple web interface that allows you to upload images gathered by cameras (not over WiFi of course) and tag them with searchable metadata. I don’t have much mobile dev experience but I can easily put something substantial together in Ruby on Rails. If you have an affinity for mobile development (with Bluetooth :D) we should definitely talk!

Team 4557 has developed an app for match scouting for both Android and iPhone. PM dradel or me with further questions. We’ll see if we can get it to you if you want it.:]

The phones connect to a central computer to organize the data and allow retrieval at any time. Connection is via bluetooth low energy.

You guys could look at SuperScouter if you are willing to use QR codes instead of Bluetooth. The nice thing about SuperScouter is you can customize whatever data you want to collect without having to change any of the underlying code within the app or the server. If you want more info, you can contact me and/or look at the wiki on (and the website for more information.