Digital Pressure Sensor

Has anyone found a pressure sensor that is able to interface with the cRio? We want our program to be able to know the exact (+/- 5psi) pressure, rather than the 1/0 output 120 Psi pressure switch.

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Try this one Omega has several other sensors available. You want one that put out a DC voltage that is proportional to the pressure.

Good luck.

/edit/ By the way, what you want is an ANALOG transducer, not digital. you hook the DC output to an input on the analog module. You can then calibrate the sensor to whatever range you want. Hope this helps.

The one thats pictures there is differential. If you order this type make sure you choose gage.

Also, none of those can go to 120 PSI and only 1 can go above 60 PSI

To get gauge pressure with a differential transducer, just leave one side open to atmosphere.

I am guessing he is interested in pressure he can use, and since you can’t use pressure over 60 PSI, there is no need for anything more. This is an inexpensive solution to his problem. Omega offers others, but they are more expensive.

Nick, I can get you a sensor that will measure to 250 psi (gauge), 99% or 99.5% accurate (I forget – I’ll have to check tomorrow), has a 1/4" NPT fitting and is powered by 5V. PM me if interested.


but, all pneumatic components MUST be rated to over 150 psi…

be careful

I’m interested… Who makes this wonderful device? Part number? Price?

Actually, 125PSI is the required min rated pressure (not 150PSI).

Around $100 each from Digi-Key in single piece quantities.


oops, well, below 60’s still below 125…