Digital Side Car(maybe?) Problem.

While the robot is not disabled all 4 victors flash, relays are solid, the DSC 5v light blinks and the 6v is solid. The cRIO is recieving all the proper input from devices(joysticks). We have switched out the digital side car, the cRIO module, FTP’d the error file form the cRIO and found nothing. What else could the problem be?

What color and pattern do the Victors flash? This may help with diagnostics.

If the DSC 5V light is flashing and the VBatt and 6V lights are solid that likely indicates a short on your 5V line or two identically messed up DSCs. The 5V line is drawn from the VBatt through a DC-DC converter just like the 6V line (separate converters) so if VBatt and 6V are solid, 5V should be too.

Here are some things to try to find the short:

  1. Check all wiring to verify that it is correct
  2. Check both Digital Sidecars Closely for metal shavings
  3. Try powering the system up with nothing connected to the PWM, relay or GPIO on the DSC, add components one at a time until the symptoms return.
  4. If you can’t find the short through the above it may be some type of dynamic short, check for areas that are uncharacteristically hot after powering up the robot.

What he said. The 5V light really shouldn’t “blink”. It should be on, or off.

There are actually 3 power LEDs on the digital sidecar. What is the state of the power input LED?

I’m going to guess that you don’t have power to the digital sidecar. I’ve seen cases where the 5v and 6v can light just from the DB-37 cable being connected. One common thing that can happen with the wago connectors is that if you didn’t strip enough of the insulation (the manual recommends 7mm), sometimes the spring will grab the insulation rather then the wire.