Digital Side car short

Hi what ended up happening was that there was a short at the plug of the incoming 12v source to the DSC but now on my the battery light turns on and the 5v and 6v lights won’t. I know that everything else works because I swapped our the DSC for another and it worked. But I simply don’t want to trash it if it has a fix. I have a multimeter, ( even though I don’t know how to use it) im a programmer not an electrician but my soldering skills are pretty good so could it be possible to find the bad component and replace it?

It might be; I myself am also I programmer but I do electrical too. With enough knowledge or instructions on how to fix your side car, you should be able to do it. If I was you I’d get in contact with the electrical people on your team and have them do it.

Well the problem is we don’t have electrical people. Our electrical knowledge consists of knowing how to connect cables.

is fixing it necessary for your robot to run at competition?

For your replacement DSC, make sure you have stripped the wires just enough to fit inside the wago connector (power connector) but not more than that. The power wires are very close together so if you strip it too much they can short easily. Leave no exposed wire.

What do you mean by “everything else works”? Is it just the 5V and 6V LEDs that don’t work, but the e.g. PWMs and GPIO work? Or is it that the the only thing on the DSC that works is the battery light, and everything else is toast?

Is it possible that it was plugged in with the power reversed?

Was the short before or after the DSC?