Digital side Cars question!!

Our programmer is pulling what little hair he has out of his head. We are having problems with having two side cars on our Bot, Help! We got one to work but the other one isn’t!! The modules are in the right spaces on the cRIO but the second side car is not working.

What slots are the NI 9403 DIO modules installed in? Is it a 4-slot or 8-slot cRIO?

What specifically isn’t working on the second Digital Sidecar? What does the code associated with the not-working things look like?

what do you mean by “not working”. Did you try connecting what you know works on the first sidecar to the second one?

well when i have the Imaging tool open it displays the first and second slots to be green however the 6th slot which is what i have the second digital sidecar connected to is displaying unknown in a red color

wow ive fixed the problem all i had to do was re image the cRIO