Digital Sidecar D-I/O's causing connection problems to Motors

Today we happened upon a problem caused by the Digital I/O prongs to the line sensors (although equally possible that is could have been 2 other non-drive motors in the PWM prongs). The only reason I suspect the line sensors is that the area next to them on the sidecar must have been at least 30 degrees hotter than the surrounding plastic. The problem caused by this was that we would have connection to the camera, cRIO, code ect. but we couldn’t control the robot (as in there was no info sent to the drive motor’s jaguars). To solve this, what we did was unplug all cords from the sidecar and leave only the drive motor PWM’s in their slots.

Could this be caused by a bad sidecar, or possibly outputs from the line sensors?

You likely miswired the photosensors and shorted the DSC’s 5V rail. This rail is designed to fail gracefully and shutdown when shorted, so things typically don’t smoke - but they might get hot.

You can check the Power indication LEDs on the DSC next time this happens. I’ll bet that BAT and 6V are on, but 5V is off.

I have also found many teams with metal shavings down inside the pins. Same effects you noted and the same result as Erik has outlined. With power off, use a bright light and look down inside the module. A vacuum cleaner works wonders here.

I will for sure clean out all parts of the digital sidecar and see if that does the trick.As for the shorting out of the 5V rail, it does seem very probable that the photo sensors could be wired wrong because that 5V light is off. So for sure it has something to do with those the sensors and possibly their location. So thanks for the help!

If anyone has any further suggestions that would be very helpful too.

I just relaized we should ask other things as well. Are you connecting the sensor power supply to the 5 volt supply on side car or to the 24 volts on a solenoid module? Are you merely running the sensor output to a digital input on the sidecar with no other electronics attached?