Digital Sidecar GPIO output states?

Question for cRIO hardware experts or gurus:

What are the two states of the “signal” pin of the GPIO on the Digital Sidecar when operating in output mode?

is it power/ground? or power/float? or ground/float?

is it programmable? and if so, does the FRC LabVIEW installation have a VI that fully supports all three modes above?



It is power/ground. Switching to high impedance takes significantly longer, and is therefore not recommended (not supported?)

If you want ground/float, the i2c pins have the necessary FET to do so. I don’t know if you have arbitrary control over them.

So, you could hook that power/ground GPIO signal directly to, say, pin 2 of JP1 (BRAKE EN) on the Jaguar to control BRAKE/COAST… No need for an external pull-up resistor, yes?