Digital Sidecar Ribbon Cable

Looking through the control system manuals, I noticed this picture:

As you can see, they have a really nice ribbon cable for the DC37 connector instead of the big, fat, space consuming old-computer beige cable we are supplied with.

Does anyone know where to find such a cable? I looked around but can’t find anything.


We made our own during the beta test/2009 season. I don’t remember the place we bought the components from, but it shouldn’t be hard to find a multitude of vendors.

AndyMark carries one. Look here:

We made our own last year. The AndyMark one is pretty short.

You can also get one from Digi-Key, with a quick glance I found H7PPH-3706M-ND which is 6 feet long for under $12; they make other lengths and custom ones as well, or you can buy just the connectors.

6 Feet! :eek:

I can just see the following:

Mechanical Team Guy #1: What do we do with all this extra ribbon cable?
Mechanical Team Guy #2: I don’t know…let’s just wrap it around this CIM motor here - that’ll keep it out of the way

Programmer: Hey - I wonder why these signals are all flaky when we run the motors?


We got these today and I agree they are pretty short, but they are better than the regular connector. We tried it on our prototype electronics board and it ended being too short, so we’re going to move the cRIO and the Digital Sidecar closer on the real thing. Just a notice for those who might buy this.