Digital Sidecars and Drive code

Hey all, we have modular electrical boards this year. We’re trying to run a drive off of two different digital sidecars (that is, plug one pwm into the sidecar is slot 4, plug the other into the sidecar in slot 6). However, we get an error code -44036 or some number to that effect. We can rewire and run both motors off of one digital sidecar, but it leads to messy wiring, and we don’t see any reason why it should matter. Does anyone know what we would need to do to make the Robot’s motors work on separate sidecars?

Clarification: we know how to edit the code in Open2MotorDrive so that the motor references are in different slots. When we do that, we get an error. How do we fix it?

You can do this, but the Drive class was intended to be pretty simple, thus cuts down on parameters by making constants internally. To make a Drive that uses other than slot 4, you need to open the Open Motor VI. Notice that on its diagram it is opening motors and building an array, but never wires in a module number. This means that it will always use the default of 4.

One thing to do is Save the Drive Open to your own folder under a different name replacing the current one throughout your program (the first radio option in the Save As… dialog). Next modify it to use the slots you want for each motor. The rest of the Drive stuff doesn’t care and works fine with either slot.

Greg McKaskle

Instead of using Open2MotorDrive just do it the long way and program each motor individually.

Greg: i tried to say that we had already done that. After we did that it gave us an error.
Tt: That would work, but if that’s the only other option, i’d rather just rewire and let the electrical team deal with it.