Dimension of Bump

What is the base dimension of the bump in terms of length [trapezoid]

1/2(12+b2)h= area

What is b2?

Oh people, please read the manual, but the bump is 12" wide at the top, and approx. 32.5" wide at the bottom, creating a approx. 45 degree angle.

I don’t remember that actually being in the manual. Get game-specific drawing GE-10047 if you want the drawing (it is indeed 33.5 inches).

You might check out http://usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/frc/content.aspx?id=16097

Not only will it have the dimension you seek, it has all the field dimensions that you need to build a version for your team. Once you look at the drawings, of course.

I just figured out the angle of is 45 degrees, therefor the base length is 36"

Correct, I was quoting the size of the support rib, which is shown in the drawing.

That doesn’t seem to be right. Did you take into account the portion that is “vertical”? The drawing shows that the its profile is that of a hexagon. The trapezoid is raised up 2.1875 inches above the ground. The height of the actual trapezoid seems to be 10.25" (excluding the portion below it), with a specified angle in the drawing of 10.25, giving a total height of 12.4735 inches.

When I look at drawing GE-10047.pdf, the height of the rib is 12 7/16". When you add the 3/4" plywood on top that makes the height of the bump 13 3/16" without the carpet. Does this seem right? I thought the bump should have been much closer to 12".