Dimension Wanted - BOM Caster: floor to top plate surface height

We wish to use local sourced casters rather than purchasing the BOM’s TCH Wheel Casters, Part No. 511-5375854, but wish to insure our rolling goal is EXACTLY the same height as the field’s.

We know this is a 3.5" Dia Wheel, but can someone who DID buy the exact BOM caster please measure it, and tell us the height from the floor to it’s TOP surface, when held level? (The easiest way to do this when it is not attached is to set it with the plate DOWN, and tell us the highest point off of the floor at the wheel’s “peak” when measured with a “limbo stick”.)

IOW, what is the EXACT distance between the bottom wooden surface of the goal (where casters are mounted), to the floor?


  • Keith

In the bottom left hand corner of the low cost layout for the mobile goal, it has this dimension as 5". From the tangent of the wheel and ground to the bottom of the 1/2" plywood.


<checks the pdfs>… Ah, I see it.

Sorry about that… This question was from our Field and Objects group. I’ll have a talk with them. In the future I’ll try make sure they’ve RTFM (Read the FANTASTIC Manuals) :wink: a bit better before I forward their questions here…

BTW, for the record it looks to me like the 5" is to the TOP of the upper deck plate, but that’s OK. The point of this exercise was to allow us to use some local source casters, so now we can.

Thanks, Ryan!

  • Keith