DIN Rail Mount Collection by Celt-X 5406

As discussed in another thread, Celt-X has uploaded our collection of 3D printed DIN rail mounts. You can find them here:

These mounts let you attach FRC electronic parts to standard 35mm DIN Rail. DIN rail is a widely available lightweight extrusion commonly used in industry to mount electronics inside enclosures. It lets you quickly add and remove components without needing to access the underside of the panel - handy when your Robot’s electronics are buried in the belly pan, or when you want a double-sided electronics panel.

In most cases, the mounts clip on to the rail by holding them at a slight angle to the panel and hooking the “fixed” side of the mount under the rail. Then, using a screwdriver, flex the “spring loaded” side of the mount so that it pops over the other side of the rail and locks.

Included are mounts for the following components:

  • Talon SRX and Victor SPX motor controllers (attached with zip ties. This also includes a holder for an IDC T-Tap CAN bus connector)
  • Spark Max motor controllers (attached with zip ties)
  • Roborio (Use in pairs. Attached with # 4 bolts)
  • OM5P radio, VRM or PCM combo-mount (attached with bolts and nuts)
  • The SMC solenoid valve manifolds sold by VEX robotics (attached with bolts)
  • End Stops to keep components from sliding along the DIN rail (slips over the end of the rail and locks using a # 10 bolt and nut)
  • Main Breaker (slips over the end of the rail, clamps tight with 1/4-20 bolts and nuts)

Celt-X team 5406 used these mounts successfully in the 2018 FRC off-season and 2019 competition season. We’ll probably continue to use and refine them in future seasons. We’ve included the original Solidworks files so that other teams can modify them for other components. I’m sure there is lots of room for design !improvement too. Share your changes to make us all better!

Finally, I want to publicly thank Alex W and Mike M from our team who helped build all of the different 3D models and print numerous iterations.



Oo - this is very cool.

Do you have a part number/source for the can bus taps you’re using on your speed controllers?

There’s a couple sources linked here: Favorite tools, materials, and techniques for FRC wiring

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Also worth a shout out that we (1071) used two of your versablock encoder mounts (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2705441) this year to great effect (though we did end up shimming some cardboard in between the magnet gear and the sensor, which we also do with actual versaplanetary integrated stages).

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Very cool! Great to hear our upload found an audience.

We have made some improvements to that encoder design for 2019 too. Will upload soon.


What materials were you using for these? (Most of the designs look like they use living hinges…)

PLA works. The flexures don’t move very much, so it doesn’t crack. I imagine PETG, ABS and Nylon would work too (as long they can bridge a ~12mm gap), but I haven’t tried them.

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Beyond awesome! Thanks for this!

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These look great! I printed off a couple of tests pieces to try out. Thanks!

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