DIO Solenoid

My team has a robot we are working on and we have run out of PWM ports. We were wondering if we could run the Solenoids plugged into DIO instead of PWM.

EDIT: wait, you’re running solenoids off of PWM? They should be run from the PCM or the relay ports, unless you’re driving them with a motor controller which is pretty strange (overkill).
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From here down, assuming that you’re driving a motor controller from PWM.

You’d have to write a driver, and it wouldn’t be legal.

Are you using the PWMs which are part of the MXP connector? There are eight more there.

Looking at the pinout (figure 4 here), most if not all of the PWM ports are next to a ground, so you won’t need a full breakout, just a cable with a three-port housing at one end with male pins at either end for the motor controller, and two female pins at the other for the MXP. One black and one preferably white or yellow wire.

I assume you are out of PCM (Pneumatics Control Module) ports? I would suggest 2 things:

  1. Add a second PCM.
  2. Use the new REV Pnematic Hub that has 16 channels.
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