Diode Question

For using the diode setup for the 2 way solenoids as described on page 11 in the robot section of the handbook what are some specs for a diode we should use? Wat are you using?


Take a look at the Additional Hardware List and that’s what it reads:
Diode for Double Solenoid Valves
P/N: 1N4001, 1A Max, up to 4


Does anyone having any suggestions on the best way to wire these up? I’m using a small terminal block right now but I’m not sure if this is legal.

What team #311 has done in the past is to just solder the diodes in line with the positive and negative wires between the relay and the solenoid. We then cover it all up nice and neat with heat shrink and tie it back into the wire bundle. If you can get the type of heat shrnk that hardens when it cools that will help to add reinforcement and protect the diode from breaking. Just don’t forget to watch the polarity when you solder them in.

Good Luck!

I may be incorrect, but I believe that you do not need diodes with the BLUE Spike relays. They are an “H” bridge device that when in the off position, places both output terminals at negative (ground) potential. If your loads are both connected to the negative return you don’t need diodes to control current direction because one load will be between positive and negative and the other will be between negative and negative (no difference in potential, no current).