dip switch positions?

We just got our bot out of the crate for the first time since competition. We can’t get it to see the Classmate. I do recall that the dip switches were set for the competition site. I also recall that we can’t reconfig the CRIO until the dip switches are reset to original specs. None of my team wrote the original config down (arrrghh). Can someone please send me the original dip switch configuration? We have a kick off shows on Friday and Sunday. We need to have the bot up and running for these shows. Please advise. Sorry to be a dip!

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Check out page 33 of the Getting Started guide.
The picture should tell you all you need to know.

I’m curious about the switches being moved at competition though. We definitely never had to touch the switches before, after, or during the competition. When you flip them to match that picture, post back with which switches were wrong.

thanks! I’ve downloaded a copy of the manual and will have my team check it out this afternoon as I’m teaching right now. :slight_smile: Do appreciate your super fast response!

Thanks again!

Is your robot attempting to use the wireless bridge for the first time since competition?

The bridge gets a special setup at competition that will prevent it from working at home.
It’s just a matter of turning off the field security setting by:

  1. Cabling your PC directly to the bridge and browsing to
  2. Go to Basic -> Wireless
    *]Look then at the bottom of the page for Security Mode and set it to None (picture)
    You can double check all the settings that Getting Started tells you to use.


I was just about to post another thread about a very similar issue. I’m going to have to try this first though, turing off the security. I wish I saw this thread 2 hours ago. I was just playing with our 'bot in the shop, for the first time since the Regional, and we were getting something odd on the DS Diagnostics tab about “I/O unit not detected or not installed correctly”. I wonder if these are related…?

To stay on topic, we did not have to move any DIP switches at our Regional either. They were all set to the right-hand side, and have stayed that way to my knowledge.

Hmmmmmm! Come to think of it, from what I’ve been reading just now, setting the DIP switches to the right means they are “ON” it would seem. I’m sure I don’t want Safe Mode on.

In the photo on page 33 referenced by Tanis above, it shows switch 1 (Safe Mode) set LEFT/OFF. And the remaining switches 2-6 set RIGHT/ON. Is that indeed how they’re supposed to be set for day-to-day use?

All DIP switches should be off normally.
You’ll see the word OFF on one side and the switches should be pressed down on that side to be off.

Although USER1 doesn’t matter. That one’s just there if you want to signal your code about something.
CONSOLE OUT can be on unless you are using the cRIO serial port for CAN.

In that picture on page 33 the SAFE MODE switch is the only one ON, the others are all OFF.

“I/O unit not detected or not installed correctly” just means the Cypress I/O board isn’t detected or attached via USB to the Driver Station.

Mark- One last thing then, for final clarification, since I can’t tell for my life from that small picture in the FIRST manual. Are my six switches ON or OFF?

crio_dip_switches - sml.jpg

crio_dip_switches - sml.jpg

Those are all OFF

Alright cool, thanks! I might post that other thread anyways then. There’s some other weird stuff going on. Hope you’ll be able to stop in there and give me your opinion.