Direct connect axis camera to computer.

This is sort of a weird question. I am attempting to use the axis camera without the robot. I connected it to the computer with the crossover cable but it seems to not seem to actually connect. Nothing shows up in the browser when I attempt to connect to it’s IP. It also doesnt show up with a netstat command, which is even stranger. The camera is still configured with it’s robot IP, but even with the ethernet connection properties set to the IP we use to connect to the robot, the computer still doesn’t see the camera. Does anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong?

Found the problem! It seems the axis camera was reset somehow and had a random IP assigned to it. I discovered this through the axis IP utility. No clue how this happened but at least i fixed it.

If it wasn’t a random IP, but instead, then what probably happened was that it was reset. Some devices do this when you hold the reset button for a extended period of time, like ten or fifteen seconds. Many devices do this when you hold the reset button while the device powers up.

Greg McKaskle