Direct Drive with NEO (1:1 Ratio)

I’ve heard that using an adapter to convert the 8mm keyway shaft of a CIM/NEO to 1/2 in hex could lead to the shaft bending when subject to too much weight on the shaft. I have heard that mounting a gearbox instead of driving directly can solve this problem, but we need a 1:1 ratio.

Consider using a versaplanetary with no ring stage or using belts to achieve this. I’d take this opportunity to learn from the fantastic resources put out by open build teams.

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Connect your motor and axle with a belt and pulleys or gears of equal size so there’s no reduction.


Would gear backlash be better handled by using smaller or larger gears?

Using standard FRC 32dp or 20dp teeth, a single reduction will not have noticeable backlash in this case. I favor belts in this application, as they can be tensioned, are lighter and quieter


You can also use a relief bearing on the shaft to take the strain. Put it at the base of the shaft (nearest to the motor) and it will make sure that the shaft/motor interface is protected. Other than that, the shaft should take any force that you could conceivably put on it.

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