Direct Joystick Access

I’m familiar with the OIToRelay, OIToPWM, and the OIToDOutput functions,
but is there a way to read the state of the joystick pushbuttons directly?
(ie, something like GetTriggerButton())

Basically I’m trying to do some additional logic between when a button
is pressed and when a control action is performed.

Also, a side note. I had to move a couple function prototypes and defines
(but not everything) from API.h into the file I’m calling them from in MPLAB.
I saw an earlier post on this concerning EasyC, but the solution didn’t seem
to exactly apply.

Thanks in advance.

Team 2085

Coincidentally, I was struggling with these same problems mere hours ago.

Last things first, you need to define the preprocessor macro _FRC_BOARD via Project->Build Options->Project->C18 tab->Add macro definition. This is because most of the definitions in API.h are inside #ifdefs that check whether it should include VEX or FRC versions of all the functions.

As for the joystick buttons, I believe the function is named GetOIDInput for the buttons and GetOIAInput for joystick axes, so for the trigger button on joystick 1, you would call GetOIDInput(PORT_1, TRIGGER_SW). (disclaimer: this is off the top of my head, I don’t have the code in front of me)

Right on, exactly what I needed. I saw the ifdefs, figured something
behind the scenes set it based on project processor. Thanks for the
heads up on that function.