Direct Links to my Favorite FRC Resources

Here are links to the resources I’ve used over the last couple of years. By no means is this any sort of FIRST-official list; they are my favorites. Please feel free to add to them!

I understand that there are links on the left side of CD’s portal page, but those do not directly link to interesting documents on, for example, manipulators.

(IMO) Best, most comprehensive, engineering process paper that high school students can understand:

Need ideas for fundraising, recruitment, or management?

Design & Build Resources: (most up-to-date) (most comprehensive) (alot of good, but it’s not organized so use the search tool)

Data Resources (Material strengths and densities)

Programming Resources (C++, best I’ve found but may be out of date for 2010) (java) (Labview)

CAD Resources: (all FIRST specific) (Best for Solidworks) – all of their products have a link to CAD, including the KOP Frame

Rookie Resources:

My Favorite Supplier Sites: (Easy to use with ALOT of different items) (Mechanical parts, and I’ve found it’s esp. good for sprockets; also very easy to use) (Like mcmaster & sdp-si) (Motors, transmissions) (Sensors) (Wonderful for sensors, but shipping may be delayed due to a crazy giveaway they’re doing today 1/7/09)

A great list!
And although it is still under construction, and still being edited, and still being updated and broken links still being repaired <sigh>
check out the Mentor Resources Library:

Any new content is welcome.

Thanks a lot, I was just searching for something like this literally 30 minutes before you posted and couldnt find much but this is great! :smiley:

Oh nice! Thanks needed this

Thank you for taking the time to put together this list.

Trying to Help


First used to have a nice list on there site but I can’t find it anymore.

Is this it?

Or this?

The site is a challenge to navigate and the search engine is impossible.
KathieK taught me this trick:
I DO search the site in Google, “ keyword”