Direct to wheel

I dont know if this is the right place to put this, but I was wondering the best way to mount the wheels directly to the gearbox output shaft? We want to stray away from using chain and sprocket this year. Please help. Thanks!!!

Do you mind giving more information on the kind of gearbox, and the wheels you plan on using?

If you are talking kit wheels, AM has universal hubs (for their wheels) as well as long shafts, or hex shaft extensions for the toughbox.

We plan on using the stock andymark gearboxes with mecanum wheels.

For the drive train, you’ll want to make sure you support the shafts exiting the toughboxes at the outboard end. The best bet is to purchase the long shafts from andy mark, plus their hubs (since they’re both keyed to work together). Then you’ll need to put a pillow block or other bearing outboard to support the long shaft - you really don’t want to chance bending your drive shafts.

Buy keyed wheel hubs from AM and use the extreneded toughbox shaft as others have suggested.

Good luck!

Thanks guys, A ton!