Directly Attaching 3D Printed Parts to a Colson Wheel

I’m wondering if it’s possible to directly attach a 3D printed part, say a pulley, to a colson wheel. We’re using 3 inch Colsons and it would really make the design better if we just directly attached the pulley to the wheel.

Any help is appreciated.

Depends on what you’re trying to do and if you’re willing to damage the wheel. It of course is possible, but there will always be tradeoffs. You could always take the approach of putting something like wood screws through the pulley. If you’re not willing to damage the wheel or would like to avoid doing so you could always adjust the 3d print to fit into a feature on the wheel and hold them pressed together firmly, possibly with on a shaft with shaft collars.

I think in this instance, it’s okay to have the 3D prints connect to the colson directly. It’s just going on our integration assembly.

I’m mainly concerned with the hubs for the 2.5in and 3in wheels. There seem to be six small holes around the hex shaft. Do you have any idea what they’re used for? I’m thinking I can use that to mount a pulley to.

Another idea would be to have a 3D print with dull teeth on it that would be wedged into the colson to prevent the print from slipping. Any thoughts?

Thanks for the suggestions!

I am not sure what they’re used for. I would assume some other type of hub. If you’re not going to use them for anything else, I would go for it.

Edit: just saw your edit. I considered that originally, I just didn’t type it out; that’s what I would personally do if it was just friction driving it. You could alternatively use 3/8in hex to drive everything and have the print go inside the wheel to adapt the 1/2in hex bore to accept the 3/8in hex.

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