Dirt Field next year!!

I have been hearing lots of rumors on next years field especially one person i talked to overheard one of the FIRST representatives. About next years playong field being dirt. I think it is going to be crazy, they will be some wicked good designs out there for next year!!!

Yea, right. We’ve heard water, sand, rocks, now dirt. Although it might be really cool, imagine how dirty it would be in the pits!

whee, mud all over!!! chain grease + dirt = huge mess!!! whoo!!! and i thought playing football in the rain looked like fun!! :smiley:

Water is out of the question most buildings the events are in will not hold an event that contains a 100+ gallon pool of water and wires floating in them with running electricity. I doubt rocks are goign to be there either. But Dirt is pretty true coming from a FIRST representative!

I serious doubt that dirt would be considered. Look back over the past 11 years, slowly the evolution of the robot and the parts. Dirt would create a difficult development for the companies and sponsors. Additionally considering some of the locations, I do not believe they would be willing to allow dirt.

Now they may examine methods to use a different carpet or floor material, but they would not want to damage the robots and dirt would most definately offer that possiblity.

See you at Championship :slight_smile:

Hey in St. Louis we were working on top of ice, I think ice would be awesome, its almost as good as water… hmmm already thinking of designs…

too bad the ice had that fake roll out floor at St. Louis, it was still cold enough where you could sit down and cool off! It got hot in the pits

OK, two other non-water or dirt ideas I just want to toss out there…

Walking robots - no wheels allowed. (That would freak out most people, me included)

4 minute match - 2 minutes controlled, 2 minutes run on computer controll and sensor input… No human control. Spooky… :slight_smile:

Maybe in a few years…(But they are giving us sensors now)

Heebie Geebie

My idea for next years will be something remenicent to a skate park. The field will be square, but as long as this years. It will have all four robots against eachother. The people will stand behind a barrier facing the audience. On each side will be a curved hill slopeing inward, with an approxamte angle of 45 degress. There will be some sort of collectable item (something we all can agree on, there will be some sort of collectable item in next years game) on top of them. There will then be a bump running parallel to the controllers. Then the robots must drop the collected item into a designated bin, that is 2 feet high, and has a cover on it that is 2.5 feet off the ground (meaning they have 6 inches to put the item in). The team with the most items in theirs will win. Other factors will play, including using certin things on your robot or meeting certin requirements (30 lbs under weight, extra 5 pts, etc). That was off the top of my head.

dirt would make the pits a huge mess… but while it would be totally impractical in an indoor arena… theres no reason it couldnt be outside, in a tent or something

Did anyone else compete in BEST this year? If you did you would know as lame as the competition is the game was kinda odd this year, the robots hung, yes hung, and drove on what can best be described as a I beam made out of wood, past that the game was pretty lame, but just the thought of how to drive were unique to each team, kinda made you think, cause you know FIRST could build like a giant jungle gym type thing, balls here, tubes there, scoring on another level, yeah i know i think big, if anyone is interested IM me and asher652 and ill show you some pics


mabey they are trying to go back in time and create a game like the yearly games. with the packing foam, but dirt instead.

I dont think the surface will ever change…i think the field has been carpeted since 1993 when the 1992 Maize Craze surface of the field was a lot of dried corn kernals (confirmation from someone?)…Im sure our team has a picture of the field around the shop

Not to disapoint all of you, but I have the feeling that Carpet fields will be how it is for the next few years…

*Originally posted by D.J. Fluck *
**Not to disapoint all of you, but I have the feeling that Carpet fields will be how it is for the next few years… **

Talking to someone from FIRST at the West MI regional(since this is the rumor mill, I won’t say who…but if you know who pushed the new field construction design through, you’re on the right track), I can say alternate field flooring designs are being considered…including something that was called a “punishment mat”…sounded something like a gymnastics mat, but in 3x3 square sections so one section could be replaced if damaged, rather than having to scrap the whole thing…

i know that one year was corn.
but i thought there was more feilds then corn and carpet.

I also bet the fields will stay the same shape…

If u notice they are “different” this year and made from almost all aluminium/steel…my bet is they keep this for at least 2-3 years or that would just be wasting money…


On January 5, 2002, I sat in the lecture hall at Temple University for the Philadelphia kickoff - and I could have swore form the hints that were dropped that we would be on ice this year. I kinda’ knew that it was far too difficult to do, but I couldn’t get past all of the references. Several times in the kickoff broadcast speakers mentioned just how very important traction would be. There were several other clues that made me think ice before the field was unveiled. If only all of the regional facilities could accomodate an ice field…that would be cool.

I dont think dirt is feasible, because of the damage it could cause to robots and the shear mess.

A hanging robot thing would be cool, but that seems entirely too different from past competitions to be done now.

I bet that water could be done. The same venues would be able to host events too (I’m picturing large rectangular “pools” that are about a foot deep). I think that would be a really cool change for next year.

But I still do like the carpet, it’s fun.

I think that if they change the floor, they will set a BETTER one, not a WORSE.

For example, something not to steer a lot and something that doesn’t get damaged so easily. That would be a very good change. I don’t mean I’m against carpet, though.

Hey, are there FIRST people checking this forum to see our ideas and use them next year? Hmmm… :wink:

I highly doubt they would haul dirt into some of these places for a FIRST match… such as Northwestern’s basketball stadium… :rolleyes:

i say we just have flying robots, then we wont have to worry about the playing surface.