I just finished most of my team’s program for driving and for the motor on our shooter to shoot the basketballs (in LabVIEW). I have the begin.vi, the finish.vi, and the teleop.vi done. I am working on the disable.vi right now. I know how to code the disabled for the drive motors (by wiring a constant 0 to the x and y axes of the holonomic drive vi) but I am not sure how to wire the other motor (I got it from the actuator panel from the WPI library) to set it for disabled. I know it doesn’t have axis inputs and I don’t think wiring it to “closed” for disabled mode will work. Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks, and have a great build season! :]

we don’t do anything with that vi on our team, are you sure you need to modify it?

Use the Set Output from the same motor palette and wire in a zero.

Any motor that might possibly have been moving at the moment when the robot was Disable should be set to neutral.
The reason is that you might come out of the Disabled state doing something different than when you entered Disabled, e.g., switch to Autonomous from Teleop, or switch to Teleop from Autonomous, or restart Autonomous.
If Teleop last had an arm motor moving up when you disabled, then if you don’t set it to neutral in Disabled.vi and switch over to test autonomous, but autonomous doesn’t use the arm until later, the arm will immediately continue moving upwards on it’s own. The motor will continue executing the last output it was told.