Disabled People of FIRST

Hi there!
We are Disabled People of FIRST, a student-run organization aimed at serving the disabled community in FIRST. The population is often stigmatized and underrepresented, so we exist to represent our presence in the FIRST community. Disabled people have to endure many hardships like accessibility, ableism, a lack of community, and other challenges growing up. It is our goal to embody the spirit of FIRST and reach out to those students to help and spread awareness.
Our community is on a Discord server here: Disabled People of FIRST Discord and a website not quite up yet. Mentors and students, including allies alike are all welcome!
If you represent a FIRST team and would like to partner with us, you can check out our Partner Team application form on our discord! We are also accepting applications from potential representatives.
We look forward to connecting and reaching out to disabled students, mentors, and allies all around the globe and are excited to get this program running!
The Disabled People of FIRST Staff


I’ve never joined a Discord before, so I may just not know what I’m doing, but it says my link is invalid?

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Glad there’s finally a community. Hopefully FIRST will reach out to get feedback on improving competitions for the wide range of disabilities both seen and not seen. Feel like they’ve gotten a start with the quiet rooms.

I know our former FSM in my state was trying to work with the school for the blind in creating a team for blind people and I think one for deaf people too.

As someone who was temporarily physically disabled after getting hit by a car and having a physically disabled family member, it really makes one thankful for what they do have, which is life.
Keep up the great work! You have many allies or there!


Hi there! I’m one of the student staff, so I’m not sure what’s going on with your link but try this one! :grin: