I have a question for the drivers of 93, or anyone else on that team who knows what happened. I’ve been extremely curious why we didn’t have robot control in match 57 of the Midwest Regional http://www.soap.circuitrunners.com/2004/movies/il/il_057.wmv I was the arm operator, and remember standing there watching the clock count down autonomus to 105 then looking at the controls, and thinking they were diabled without really checking the light. I sat there a couple more seconds then eventually tried the arm, and it worked just fine. Then everyone else jumped on their controls. Was it really disabled, or just shock and awe over our great success :stuck_out_tongue:

Also… what about anyone from 92, or 1055…did you have a simular problem?

I think what happened during that match was that the sound for that the game sounds were turned way down. We had a problem at the scoring table also trying to hear them as well. We had the sound guys bump it up after that match and it seemed to help out well.

(I think thats what happened during that match. It certainly wasnt the match where I screwed up and we had a false start :ahh: )

From the webcast perspective, it looked like the sound to end auto mode didn’t go off and everyone got confused.
The same thing happened one match at UTC. The drivers were just standing there and the robots weren’t moving. I looked at the clock and told the drivers to go, cause auto mode was over, and they looked at me funny. I think they weren’t sure if I was trying to fool them or I was serious.

It’s a little surprising that they didn’t just replay the entire match. If all 4 teams were confused, it obviously wasn’t just one team who wasn’t listening…

My opinion… :slight_smile:

Yeah, some of my teammates said things along the same line, but after watching the video, it looks like there was the ending autonomus sound. Was that really there, or do they add that into the webcast?

Oh well, it all worked out great in the end!

Ya I was one of the drivers in that match and me and my co-driver stood there afraid if we went that we would be DQ-ed, but then I looked over and the ref gave us the go-ahead.