Disabling Vex compiling errors

I am working on a Vex Project and getting a

“Type qualifer mismatch in assignment”

I have modifed the Userapi to produce a "system "command.

Doing research i have discovered (though won’t bet my robots on) that this error doesn’t actually mean anything, just that its expecting a 24 bit argument instead of a 16 bit argument in the line. which goes

System (“c:/White.wmv”);

is there any good way of disabling this violationg so i can send my robot to its invetiable world conquest before the homecomming dance?



P.S if there was code that didn’t make the error at all that whould work to.

You can disable individual warning messages with the -nw switch. In this situation it would be -nw=2066

Thank you…

but at the risk of sounding stupid how do i do this?

Do i have to buy a special version of the compiler to turn off these messages?

Thanks agian,