Disappointed with FIRST Choice offerings after Kickoff

I am disappointed with the FIRST Choice offerings remaining after Kickoff. I was expecting that with 75% of the credits being held until after kickoff that there would be some specific after-kickoff additions that would be useful for the new challenge. I only see the same items that I saw before kickoff. Since there were no new additions, and nothing that gave away the game, why didn’t we just get the full 600 credits upfront? Dealing with FIRST Choice on Kickoff wasn’t fun when there are strategies to choose and robots to design.

I am not disappointed with AndyMark and their hosting of FIRST Choice.

I was surprised that there weren’t game pieces available, but unlike the past few years, multiple game pieces aren’t that necessary.

150 initial points was to cut down on the massive pre-kickoff rush and spread things out a bit. I think the idea was for less stuff to be soldout after the initial point drop. Plus the logistics of the printer lottery. 600 points initial would probably mean that if any teams got rejected for a printer (not that that actually happened, but it could have), there would be stuff left for them to pick up.

Are you sure there’s nothing useful there? I mean, there were motors, and compressors, and two different classmates (you could get one of each). I think you could get a pretty decent pile of stuff with your 450 extra points, really.

I feel you. Also, with game pieces being $52 a piece, FIRST Choice not having them in stock stings a little.

Yea, not having a game piece available was a bummer. Especially since ours came with a hole in it :frowning:

Broken kit items are the same as missing kit items. Make sure you submit that to FIRST on your Replacement Kit Parts form.